Tesla Battery Replacement Cost (Model X, S, Y & 3)

Owning a Tesla comes with many advantages over a conventional internal combustion car. You won’t have to be concerned about filling up with gas or coolant or dealing with many worn internal mechanical parts. However, a common concern with Tesla EVs is the battery replacement cost.

In this article, we’ll go through the costs associated with the battery replacement of your Tesla electric vehicle by comparing the available Tesla models and their respective battery pack replacement prices.

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What Is The Cost Of A Tesla Battery Replacement?

Tesla does not provide public information about the costs of replacing a damaged battery of any of their available models (S, X, Y, 3).

However, some owners who’ve replaced their battery pack at a Tesla Service Center have published their service invoices on social media. Based on that information, we can estimate average Tesla battery replacement costs.

Assuming a constant price for a Tesla battery replacement would be inaccurate. The money you’ll spend to replace the battery will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The battery cost itself
  • Your vehicle model
  • Labor costs
  • Miscellaneous expenses (like replacement parts)

Nowadays, it would be acceptable to estimate an average cost range of $13,000 for the most basic models and easy replacements to $20,000 for the more expensive models and complex replacements.

However, the exact amount would depend on the conditions of your model.

How Much Does The Battery Replacement For The Different Tesla Models Cost?

This section will provide you with a brief comparison of the battery cost replacement of all the available Tesla electric vehicle models.

What Is The Tesla Model X Battery Replacement Cost?

The Crossover SUV Model X is currently one of the most expensive Tesla models, just behind the Model S. Its usable battery capacity ranges between 60kWh and 100Wh, depending on the trim level and performance.

That being said, the cost of the battery pack itself can range from $12,000 to $15,000.

The labor expenses are usually between $175 and $200 per hour. This results in $525-$2,600 for total labor costs, considering a replacement time of 3 to 13 hours, depending on the complexity of the replacement.

Also, you might have to add an additional $20 to $200 for replacement parts like wiring and connectors.

In the end, the total cost of replacing the battery for this model would be about $13,000 to $20,000.

Tesla battery replacement cost
Tesla Model X.
Source: Tesla

What Is The Tesla Model S Battery Replacement Cost?

Some owners have published battery replacement receipts for their Tesla Model S, showing an amount of $20,000.

Nevertheless, as the battery replacement for this model is similar to model X, it would be logical to assume a similar total cost, ranging between $13,000 to $20,000.

Tesla battery replacement cost
Battery Pack of a Tesla Model 3.
Source: V2Mshop

What Is The Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement Cost?

As this is one of the most affordable models, the battery pack results are more straightforward and less expensive than Models X and S.

The battery capacity ranges from 50kWh to 82kWh. However, this depends on whether you’re dealing with the standard or long-range Model 3 and the trim level.

Therefore, the battery cost for this model can range from $7,000 to $11,000.

The other costs would be the same: $20 to $200 for replacement parts, plus $525-$2600 for total labor costs.

This results in a total cost estimate range of $13,000 to $14,000.

Tesla Model 3.
Source: Tesla

What Is The Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement Cost?

Since this compact crossover is one of the newest Tesla models, it’s difficult to source accurate battery replacement costs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it means that there are very few damaged batteries out there for this model.

However, as this car is very similar to the Model 3, we can assume that the labor and replacement costs are also similar. Therefore, expect a final amount of $13,000 to $14,000.

battery replacement cost
Tesla Model Y.
Source: Tesla

Tesla Battery Replacement Cost Comparison

The following table breaks down the replacement costs of every Tesla model available.

Model X Y 3 S
Battery Pack Cost ($) 12,000-15,000 7,000-11,000 7,000-11,000 12,000-15,000
Labor costs ($ per hour) 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200
Time (hours) 3 to 13 3 to 13 3 to 13 3 to 13
Labor costs ($) 525-2,600 525-2,600 525-2,600 525-2,600
Replacement Parts ($) 20-200 20-200 20-200 20-200
Total Costs ($) 13,000-20,000 13,000-14,000 13,000-14,000 13,000-20,000
Table 1. Comparison of Breakdown costs of Tesla available models.


Tesla battery replacement cost infographic
Tesla model comparison.
Source: V2Mshop

How Often Does A Tesla Battery Need To Be Replaced?

You’ll need to replace the battery pack of your new Tesla after its usable capacity falls under 70% of its capacity. This also means the driving range falls to that same degree.

Once the battery drops below these levels, you need to take your car to a Tesla Service Center to proceed with the replacement. They won’t fix the damaged battery pack but instead replace it with a new or refurbished one. The damaged one is returned to the factory for repair.

Tesla Claims

Tesla EV batteries are designed to be long-lasting. The company claims that both the Model X and S maintain 90% of their module’s capacity during the first 200,000 miles and could last even up to 500,000 miles or 1500 cycles.

Additionally, considering that Americans drive an average of 14,000 miles per year, it would take more than 14 years to need a battery replacement for your Tesla model.


Are there any other factors that can influence the lifespan of a Tesla battery besides mileage?

Yes, factors such as extreme temperatures, frequent supercharging, and deep discharging can influence the lifespan of a Tesla battery. Proper care and maintenance can help in extending the battery’s life.

Can I replace the Tesla battery myself to save on labor costs?

It’s not recommended to replace the Tesla battery yourself. The process requires specialized tools and knowledge. Improper installation can lead to safety risks and void the vehicle’s warranty.

Are there any programs or incentives available to help offset the cost of a Tesla battery replacement?

As of now, Tesla doesn’t offer specific programs for battery replacement. However, some regions or states might have incentives or rebates for electric vehicle maintenance. It’s best to check with local authorities or Tesla service centers for more information.

How does the Tesla battery replacement cost compare to the maintenance costs of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles over the same period?

While the upfront cost of a Tesla battery replacement might seem high, when you factor in the savings from not purchasing gasoline, fewer moving parts requiring maintenance, and no oil changes, many find that the overall maintenance costs of a Tesla can be lower than traditional vehicles over an extended period.

Is there a difference in battery lifespan between Tesla’s standard range and long-range models?

Generally, both standard and long-range models are designed to last for a long time. However, the actual lifespan can vary based on usage patterns, charging habits, and environmental factors. Long-range models might have a slightly longer lifespan due to a larger battery capacity, allowing for more charge cycles.

If I decide to sell my Tesla, does the remaining battery warranty transfer to the new owner?

Yes, Tesla’s battery warranty is attached to the vehicle and not the owner. If you sell your Tesla, the remaining warranty will transfer to the new owner, ensuring them some peace of mind regarding potential battery issues.

Final Thoughts

While replacing a Tesla’s battery may only be necessary years down the line, the associated costs may still be very concerning for some, especially those who can’t easily afford 15% to 40% of the vehicle’s price.

In saying that, you do have the option to take your EV to an independent repair shop (at your own risk) which may save you money.

Additionally, Tesla’s electric vehicle warranty covers 8 years or 150,000 miles (the one that comes first) for manufacturing defects like battery degradation or damage to the associated equipment.

This gives you security for years to come and the chance to become financially prepared if you need to pay for a battery replacement after the warranty expires.

Be Mindful

Be aware of buying a used Tesla model. Even if you negotiate a significantly lower price for it, make sure you verify the health of the battery pack and car as much as possible — as the next owner, you may have to handle the elevated costs of replacing the battery pack.

Lastly, battery designs improve as time passes, meaning costs will likely decrease significantly.

Hopefully, in the end, battery replacement may not continue to be a headache for Tesla vehicle owners.

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  1. Great article Carlos. The US government requires companies to warranty the battery for 8 years. Typical lifespan of a lithium battery is 10 years. So figure after 10 years of ownership you will need to spend thousands to replace the battery. From an environmental standpoint only 3% of lithium batteries are recycled globally. Also don’t forget the cathode material involves child slave labor.