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About Climatebiz

Climatebiz is made up of a group of experts who are academics and researchers with deep expertise in green tech & clean energy. 

Each of our authors specialize in their own unique fields, such as chemistry, sustainable transportation, electrical engineering, green architecture, solar energy, and more.

Our goal at Climatebiz is to continue providing free information to people from all parts of the world. To empower you, by teaching you about the wondrous world of green technology and how you can use it to discover energy independence while saving both money and the environment.

Unlike many other websites, Climatebiz has been built without any outside investment or corporate ownership. And to this day, remains an independent organization.

Editorial Guidelines and Ethics

At Climatebiz, we strive to produce the most accurate, valuable articles we can. Our team of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and civil engineers bring in-depth research, hands-on experience, and combined, decades of knowledge to everything we write.

If you spot an error or any article that has become outdated on our website, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected], and we will see to it that it is fixed as soon as possible. 

Why trust us?

At Climatebiz, we strive for truth and accuracy. We will never accept compensation as an incentive to write an article and never take any guest posts from individuals trying to get backlinks from our site.
At times we may receive review units from various companies, but at no time do we accept any product as a form of payment for a review.

Lastly, all advertisements on our website are marked clearly with our advertising company’s (Mediavine) logo.