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Daniel is our resident linguaphile — he loves learning new languages! He attended Beijing Language and Culture University for 18 months to study Chinese and attained fluency in both written and oral Chinese by passing the highest language proficiency exam (HSK6).

He is also a fluent German Speaker. Daniel’s multi-disciplinary and long-lasting academic track record have provided him with unique scientific and cultural insights.

While completing his second degree via correspondence, Daniel devoted himself to the environmental sector. He has over a decade of experience in this field. Here, he worked as an environmental consultant, an environmental educator, and as a fisheries observer. 

As an environmental consultant, Daniel gained valuable experiences in the fisheries sector, as a project manager and scientific writer. Amongst other programmes, he was responsible for managing the observer programme of the largest mid-water trawl operation in the Southern Hemisphere.

He was also involved in environmental impact assessments for various resource extraction companies. One of the most valuable insights gained during this time was the unsustainable coexistence of the natural world and anthropogenic systems.

With this new found knowledge and a passion for writing, Daniel would like to contribute to positive projects, that help alleviate or even revert some of the damage incurred by humans. That’s why he’s passionate about everything sustainability, from clean energy to low carbon food.


Master’s degree in Business Marketing from the Freie Universität Berlin
BCom in Marketing Management from University of South Africa
BSc in Conservation Ecology from Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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