Cost of Lithium Batteries (15 Solar Brands Compared)

In 2023, the cost of lithium batteries like LiFePO4 is going down while their durability is increasing. Now is the perfect time to replace your lead-acid battery and upgrade your solar generator or solar system.

Lithium batteries are the most versatile electricity storage available. They are:

  • Lightweight.
  • Offer great energy density (3-4 times higher than lead-acid).
  • Powerful (up to 2.4kW).
  • Perfectly fitted for solar energy storage.
  • Long-lasting (up to 10 years).

The cost of lithium batteries is primarily related to their capacity, expressed in Amps. hour (Ah) or watt.hour (Wh).

How much do lithium batteries cost on average?

  • 50Ah (600Wh) costs $436
  • 100Ah (1200Wh) costs $620
  • 200Ah (2400Wh) costs $1133
  • 300Ah (3600) costs $1800

If you’d like to get straight to the point, jump directly to our comparative price chart at the end of the article.

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Cost of lithium batteries: A breakdown

The main lithium battery technology available on the market is LiFePO4. If you dissect them, you will find a few components that greatly dictate the overall lithium battery cost:

Let’s take a closer look at the two main components:

Battery management system (BMS)

A lithium battery cannot work without a BMS. This essential electronic component has 3 functions:

  • Monitor
  • Regulate
  • Protect

The BMS is connected to each prismatic lithium battery cell. It ensures they’re all balanced and equally charged/discharged by controlling the charging and discharging current.

Additionally, It protects the battery from over-discharging and overcharging and ultimately prevents it from overheating by disconnecting the battery cells if needed.  

Note to our readers: All lithium battery brands featured in our article include a built-in BMS.

Prismatic lithium battery bells

Prismatic lithium battery bells are the basic building blocks of all lithium batteries. They have a standard voltage of 3.2V, and their capacity varies 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, etc.

The quality of their material and manufacturing process affects their durability (number of cycles), robustness, and fast charge/discharge abilities.

Four prismatic lithium cells are connected in series resulting in a 12V lithium battery pack (4 x 3.2V = 12.8V).

Currently, LiFePO4 prismatic cells constitute 80% of the total lithium battery cost.

How to choose the correct lithium battery: 4-step process

Use the following four steps to help you choose your lithium battery:

1. The Capacity

Capacity is expressed in Ah. 100Ah means that your battery can provide a current of 100 Amps for one hour at a minimum voltage of 12V.

This discharge rate is called 1C: 100% of the capacity discharged in one hour. This is also equivalent to 10 Amps during 10 hours (10 amps x 10 hours = 100 Ah), a discharge rate of 0.1C: 10% of the total capacity discharge per hour.

A more accurate and absolute measurement of the capacity is the Wh. For example, a 12V, 100Ah battery has a capacity of 12*100=1200 Wh.

Note to our readers: A 12V, 100Ah battery and a 24V, 100Ah battery both have the same Ah, but the 24V stores twice as much energy: 
24 x 100 = 2400Wh.
In this article, we mostly use Ah because the batteries we selected are all 12V.

2. The Continuous Charge/Discharge Current

The BMS pilots the charge and discharge current, the higher the better.

Most of the BMS accept charging/discharging currents from 50Amps to 100Amps. Lithium batteries allow for quick charging. With a current of 100Amps, a 100Ah battery could be charged in one hour.

However, in practice, a one-hour charge will give 80% of the total capacity, the remaining 20% might last one more hour.

3. The Peak Discharge Current

Depending on your application, you might require a battery with large peak discharging currents. For example, to start heavy equipment such as a water pump.  

4. The Total Life Cycles

This is your battery’s durability, the most modern lithium battery models can reach up to 7000 charges/discharge cycles with a 10 years life duration.

15 Brands Of The Best Lithium Batteries

Our selection of the 15 best lithium battery brands in terms of durability, power, safety, and costs.

Please Note: These prices were pulled from Amazon on 2021/06/09 at 09:32 am. Prices continuously fluctuate. Therefore, you may find a slightly different price after clicking through our links.


Ampere-time is one of the most trusted brands for lithium batteries. Their products are versatile, powerful, and ready for a quick charge. One of the most important features: they are highly durable with more than 4,000 cycles or 10 years of good use.

Ultimately, the cost of their lithium batteries is very competitive.

Lithium battery cost299.99 USD499.99 USD799.99 USD


The lithium batteries from JITA are built with high-quality materials. They are one of the best choices for solar generators, marine applications (certified IP65, waterproof), and in combination with an inverter in a solar off-grid system.

They can continuously deliver more than 1 kW of power and are certified to last more than 4,000 cycles or 10 years.

Lithium battery cost479.9 USD879.9 USD1199.99 USD


ExpertPower is a US company based in Los Angeles. Their newest lithium battery line benefits from their 30 years of experience in battery manufacturing.

Their last products are reliable, powerful (1.2kW discharge), robust (low and high-temperature tolerance), and extremely durable (10 years lifetime, up to 4,000 cycles). All of that at a competitive price.

Lithium battery cost449.99 USD689.99 USD1099.99 USD


RENOGY is a US-based company, founded by a team of scientists in 2010. They have strong expertise in domestic solar energy production. Their products are built to the highest quality standards and combine state-of-the-art components. Their lithium batteries are extremely durable (4,000 cycles, 10 years) thanks to their reliable BMS.

Lithium battery cost499.99 USD799.99 USD1499.99 USD


VISION is a Chinese battery company, founded in 1994. It now has multiple branches in the US and Europe where it develops lithium technology. Their products are robust and innovative thanks to an intensive R&D effort. They are resistant to cold weather, with a 15-year lifespan, more than 3,000 cycles. Lastly, it has a built-in Bluetooth real-time monitoring module.

Lithium battery cost599 USD899 USD1899 USD


Flypower is a Chinese company established in 2005. They have strong expertise in the design and manufacturing of NiMh – NiCd and Lithium batteries. With two productions sites and two research laboratories in partnership with local universities, the company is a major player in the market. Therefore, their lithium batteries are up to the highest standard, offering robust and powerful BMS, and LiFePo4 battery cells with the highest life duration (10 years).

Lithium battery cost426.99 USD475 USD889 USD


Scremower is a company specializing in LiFePo4 battery manufacturing. They offer a large range of lithium batteries from 12V to 60V with various capacities. Their energy storage solutions will last up to 10 years and 3,000 cycles, they offer a 5-year warranty. The capacity of their batteries is certified and you won’t have any disappointment regarding this matter.

Lithium battery cost364 USD538 USD1005 USD


Moseworth is well known in the RC world, as it is one of the leaders in LiPo (lithium-polymer) batteries for these types of applications. The LiFePo4 batteries produced by Moseworth are up to the highest standard in the industry, with a 5-year warranty and 10-year life duration for the battery cells (3,000 cycles).

Lithium battery cost377.24 USD479.99 USD1034 USD


LYNX might be the smallest lithium battery company in our article. However, their products offer great power and durability. They do not compromise when it comes to safety, thanks to quality built-in Daly Bluetooth BMS. They will last long (10 years, up to 5,000 cycles). In addition, the company has US-based customer service.

Lithium battery cost650 USD1350 USD


CHINS battery is a Chinese Company with its own manufacturing site. They offer the longest warranty of all lithium battery brands: 8 years, with US-based customer service. Their products are certified to last 10 years and more than 3,000 cycles. The internal BMS protects the battery from overheating and can deliver up to 100Amps.

Lithium battery cost369.99 USD479.99 USD869.99 USD

AIMS Power

AIMS Power is a US-based company, created in 2011. They rapidly expanded to cover all aspects of solar energy production, storage, and management.  Thanks to a high-quality customer-based approach, their lithium batteries combine all the qualities needed to be charged by solar energy – durability (up to 5,000 cycles, more than 10 years), robustness, and power.

Lithium battery cost399 USD749 USD1499 USD

Battle Born

Battle Born is a US-based company, specializing in power systems for off-grid solar generators. All their products are designed and assembled in the US. They provide top-of-the-line lithium batteries, that last long (more than 4,000 cycles), and they are resistant to water and extreme temperatures. On top of that, they offer a real 10-year replacement warranty.

Lithium battery cost575 USD1049 USD


TalentCell is a Chinese company founded in 2001. They design and manufacture lithium, NiMH batteries, and solar products. Their LiFePo4 batteries last long (more than 3,000 cycles) and are safe thanks to the quality built-in BMS.

In addition, they are the most affordable of all our featured battery brands.

Lithium battery cost459.99 USD779.99 USD


Lithova is a battery brand specializing in heavy-duty lithium batteries. Their products are well-built and ready for marine use. They offer an extremely long lifespan (10 years and 4’000 cycles) and can operate under a broad range of temperatures (-20°C to 60°C). In addition, they come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Lithium battery cost559 USD


Mollpower offers off-grid power solutions. They assemble their batteries in the US. Their lithium batteries are certified to last up to 3,000 cycles. The built-in BMS ensures high product safety. In addition, their LiFePo4 batteries come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Lithium battery cost499.9 USD

Cost Of 15 Lithium Battery Brands Compared

Please Note: These prices were pulled from Amazon on 2021/06/09 at 09:56 am. Prices continuously fluctuate. Therefore, you may find a slightly different price after clicking through our links.
AMPERE TIME299.99 USD499.99 USD799.99 USD
JITA N/A479.9 USD879.9 USD
EXPERTPOWER449.99 USD689.99 USD1099.99 USD
RENOGY499.99 USD799.99 USD1499.99 USD
MOSEWORTH377.24 USD479.99 USD1034 USD
CHINS369.99 USD479.99 USD869.99 USD

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