10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns (Buyers Guide)

New solar camping lanterns are powerful, compact, provide hours of bright light to your camp, and can be charged simply by the sun. We highly recommend them for all your overnight outdoor adventures in combination with all your other solar-powered gear.

Dozens of models are available with many different features. We have carefully selected the best solar camping lanterns based on the following criteria:

  • LED power
  • Hours of light
  • Charging mode (solar panel, hand cranking, internal battery)
  • Quality of the material – Design
  • Weather resistance

In our review of the 10 best solar lanterns for camping, you will find a lantern for all types of use. From the most compact to bring on an overnight hike, to the toughest one with a built-in USB power bank for longer camping trips

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10 Best Solar Lanterns For Camping

Here is a quick overlook at our selection of the best solar lanterns for camping:

  1. LuminAID Titan
  2. Mesqool LED solar camping lantern
  3. Mpowerd Luci solar inflatable light
  4. Agptek Solar Lantern
  5. Runacc Solar Camping Lantern
  6. Covmax Solar Portable Collapsible Camping light
  7. JMADENQ Solar camping lantern
  8. Zuppnm Solar LED Camping Lantern
  9. LETOUR Camping Lantern
  10.  Kizen LED Camping lantern solar powered

1- LuminAID Titan

Key features:

  • LED Power: Up to 300 lumens (3 to 5 hours), 100 lumens (100 hours), 5 brightness settings
  • Charging methods: solar (18 hours), USB (4 hours)
  • Battery size: 4000mAh, battery bank mode
  • Design: Weather resistant, self-inflatable
  • Size and weight: 6*6*6/1 in (inflate/flat), 354g

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LuminAid is one of the pioneers of solar lanterns. We love their self-inflatable design which enables efficient light diffusion when inflated and is extremely compact when flat (6*6*1in).

Their most powerful and versatile model, the TITAN, has been chosen. Not only can it perfectly illuminate a 300 square foot area with up to 300lumens, it can also charge your mobile devices thanks to an internal battery of 4,000mAh. Two modes are available to charge your solar lantern, either with the large solar panel on top (18 hours to full charge) or via USB (4 hours).

A best seller for camping enthusiasts that will provide up to 100 hours of light at full charge.  

2- Mesqool LED solar camping lantern

Key features:

  • LED Power: 200 lumens (35 hours) and 350 lumens flash light (30 hours)
  • Charging methods: solar, USB, hand crank dynamo (1 minute=20 minutes of light)
  • Battery size: 3000mAh, battery bank mode
  • Design: Weather resistant and foldable
  • Size and weight: 4.96″*3.19″/7.4″*3.19″ (Folded/open), 296g

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This solar camping lantern by Mesqool is fantastic. First, it offers three charging modes: solar, USB, and the very useful hand-cranking dynamo.

Then, it has a built-in battery of 3,000mAh and can be used as a mini power bank to charge a phone. In addition, it features a clever foldable design, that when open will illuminate your camp at 360°. It also folds easily into a bag. Finally, it is well priced and comes with a one-year warranty.

Never run out of light thanks to the hand-cranking dynamo.

3- Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 pro

Key features:

  • LED Power: 150 lumens (50 hours), 4 lighting modes
  • Charging methods : solar panel (full charge in 14 hours), USB (2/3 hours)
  • Battery size: 2000mAh, battery bank mode
  • Design: Waterproof (IP67) and inflatable
  • Size and weight: 4″*4″*1″/4″*4″ 4″(Folded/open), 173g

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MPowered is an experienced brand when it comes to solar lanterns. The LUCI Pro 2.0 is their latest product. It is compact thanks to its inflatable design, powerful, and long-lasting (150 lumens for 50 hours).

It can act as a power bank with its 2,000mAh rechargeable battery. Thanks to its built-in solar panel you will have enough power for 50 hours of light per day. Furthermore, you can charge it through the micro-USB port.

Finally, it is completely water and shock-proof. It can even float and light at the same time.

The best buy at a friendly price.

4- Agptek Solar Lantern

Key features:

  • LED Power: 180 lumens, 2 lighting modes, 20 hours on low
  • Charging methods : solar panel (full charge in 8 hours), USB (2/3 hours), hand crancking dynamo and car lighter
  • Battery size: 2000mAh, battery bank mode
  • Design: Classic lantern, water resistant
  • Size and weight: 10″*4.5″*10.5″, 720g

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The solar camping lantern by Agptek features a classic lantern design, with a large hook at the top. It is built with quality ABS plastic that will withstand heavy rain. 36 LED lights provide 360° very bright illumination to your camp.

The small solar panel at the top will charge the internal battery in 8 hours. In addition, you can use the hand-cranking dynamo (1 min = 20 min of light) or the USB and car lighter plug for charging. Thanks to its 2’000mAh internal battery it also acts as an emergency power bank.

A great product at a fair price.

5- Runacc Solar Camping Lantern

Key features:

  • LED Light: White mode (8-12 hours), 7 colors, SOS (20 hours)
  • Charging methods: solar panel (full charge in 24 hours), USB (2 hours)
  • Battery size: 2000mAh, battery bank mode
  • Built-in bluetooth speaker
  • Design: Inflatable and water resistant
  • Size and weight: 6.7″*6.7″*1.6″/6.7″*6.7″*4.3″(Folded/open), 228g

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The Runacc solar lantern is a great choice for camping parties. It features a 7 color RGB light mode and a built-in Bluetooth mini speaker that will put you in a happy mood. The internal lithium battery has a decent capacity of 2,000mAh, for 6-10 hours pf combined light and speaker use.

Conveniently, it can be charged via the solar panel on top (24 hours) or with the USB port (2 hours). Finally, its inflatable design makes it very compact and handy. It can even float (waterproof IP66).

At a price below 40 USD, you’ll get one of the best solar camping lanterns, plus an emergency battery bank, and a Bluetooth speaker.

6- Covmax Solar Portable Collapsible Camping light

Key features:

  • LED Light: 4 light modes (including 7 colors), 120lumens (high), 60lumens (low)
  • Charging methods: solar panel, USB
  • Built-in battery
  • 2 solar lights for less than 18 USD
  • Design: foldable and waterproof silicone (IP68)
  • Size and weight: 6.1″*1.1″/5.75″*4.13″(Folded/open), 150g

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A great bundle of two compact solar lanterns to light up your camping nights by COVMAX. Thanks to the foldable silicone body, it will fit in your hand when folded or it can be attached to your backpack with two hooks.

This camping lantern gets straight to the point: it will provide strong lighting for up to 10 hours. It can be charged with the solar panel on top (7 hours) or the USB output (2 hours). It will also add some fun to your camp with the 7 color RGB mode.

A favorite entry-level product, with less than 18 USD for two Covmax solar lanterns.

7- JMADENQ Solar camping lantern

Key features:

  • LED Light: 2-in-1 design, lantern (60lumens, 6 hours) and flashlight (20lumens)
  • Charging methods: solar panel (10 hours), USB (3 hours)
  • 1*18650 Rechargeable Battery, battery bank mode
  • 2 solar lights for less than 25 USD
  • Design: foldable
  • Size and weight: 4.8″*3.1″/9.8″*3.1″(Folded/open), 300g

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The solar lantern by JMADENQ is a great addition to your camping gear. It works both as a flashlight and as a 360° lantern (60 lumens) thanks to its foldable design. It has two charging modes – through the top solar panel (10 hours) or via the USB output (3 hours).

The removable lithium battery is very handy – you can even get a spare one for more autonomy. Other units with built-in batteries might stop working after 2 to 3 years. This problem won’t happen with this lantern as the battery can be replaced. Like similar models, it also works as an emergency battery bank.

Finally, its price is extremely competitive, at 12.5USD a unit.

8- Zuppnm Solar LED Camping Lantern

Key features:

  • LED Light: 38 high brightness LED lights, 4 lighting modes
  • Charging methods: built-in solar panel (20 hours), USB (5 hours)
  • Battery size: 3600mAh, battery bank mode
  • Remote control
  • Design: Compact, IP65 waterproof
  • Size and weight: 6.3″*2.8″, 300g

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This small camping lantern by Zuppnm is favored because of its compact design with the convenient top hook and its remote control. It is certified IP65 and can withstand all types of weather, making it perfect for a night at the camp.

Small for its size, it delivers a powerful bright light. Its built-in battery is one of the largest in our review (3’600mAh) and can fully charge a phone. It features two charging modes either with the USB solar panel built on top of the lantern for a slow charge or through the USB output.

Finally, it is very well priced at less than 17 USD a unit.

9- LETOUR Camping Lantern

Key features:

  • LED Light: 42 high brightness LED lights, 4 lighting modes (6 hours of light)
  • Charging methods: built-in solar panel (12 hours), USB (2 hours)
  • Built-in batteries: 2200mAh, battery bank mode
  • Remote control
  • Design: Compact, IP45 rainproof
  • Size and weight: 5.31″*3.94″, 300g

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LETOUR camping lanterns will do a great job at illuminating your camping nights. It is one of the best ultra-compact solar camping lanterns thanks to its remote control. This is a very convenient feature when the light is installed at a higher elevation.

You’ll also love its large built-in battery of 2200mAh that works as an emergency battery bank. It can be charged by the built-in solar panel, 7 hours of sunlight provides 3 hours of light, or by the USB output. Finally, it is water-resistant. (IP45).

Go for it, you will be surprised by its brightness!

10- Kizen LED Camping lantern solar powered

Key features:

  • LED Light: lantern and flashlight, 3 lighting modes, 5 hours on high, 10 hours on low, 6 hours on SOS mode
  • Charging methods: solar panel (7 hours), USB (2 hours)
  • Rechargeable built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, emmergency power bank
  • Design: Compact and foldable, rainproof
  • Size and weight: 3.35″*1.17″/3.35″*4.7″(Folded/open), 180 g

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You’ll appreciate the KISEN collapsible solar lantern for its versatility. This extremely compact and lightweight product is also a flashlight and an emergency power bank. When closed, it can fit in a pocket or can be hooked to your backpack. There are two charging modes – either through the built-in solar panel (7 to 10 hours of full sun to full charge) or via USB (2 hours to full charge). Thanks to the built-in rechargeable lithium battery it will also charge your phone in case of emergency.

Finally, with a price below 17 USD, it is a great entry choice as a solar lantern for all your camping trips.

Final Thoughts

Solar camping lanterns are a great addition to your solar generator for an off-grid experience. Extremely versatile (LED light, battery bank, multiple charging methods) and with prices as low as 9 USD, you have no excuse not to put them on your priority checklist when going overnight camping.

Romain Metaye

Romain Metaye

Dr Metaye has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Ecole Polytechnique, France. He is a renewable energy expert with more than 11 years of experience within the research world. During his career, he supervised more than 150 projects on clean energy. Off-grid smart systems, solar energy, battery and the hydrogen economy are among his specialties.

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