20kw Wind Turbine Information (Best Models, And More!)

If you are interested in wind energy and thinking of buying a 20kw wind turbine, then it is important that you understand how this renewable source of energy functions and what it looks like in the market.

If you think about it, your phone consists of pieces. Each of these pieces comes together to form a system. That’s what it boils down to when it comes to wind turbines, a solid system.

Here are some of the most basic to more in-depth information regarding a 20kw wind turbine. 

  1. The system behind a wind turbine
  2. The cost of a wind turbine
  3. The best wind turbine models in the market.
  4. Where to buy wind turbines

This article will provide you with all the information you need as a willing buyer to purchase a 20kw wind turbine. Knowledge is time, money, and power.

This article will give you the correct information to make better and more well-informed purchase decisions. 

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How Much Electricity Does A 20kw Wind Turbine Produce?

As shared earlier, a wind turbine is a system. You could think of it as a wind collector. Like a car, it needs fuel—wind functions as the fuel aspect of a wind turbine. 

But if it takes in fuel, what does it release? The answer is electricity. A wind turbine will produce electricity which you will use to run your appliances or charge your devices. 

A wind turbine consists of parts. The part that allows a wind turbine to produce electricity is known as a generator. A generator uses magnetic coils to generate electricity. 

Experts do not recommend using a generator as a buying factor. However, if you do consider a generator as a critical element, it would be best to look for the following factors:

  • Durability – the generator should be able to withstand its workload.
  • Simplicity – You want a bit more blade area.
  • Ease of maintenance – something that doesn’t require too many tools or items for maintenance purposes. 

But how much electricity can a 20kw wind turbine produce? You measure electricity using a measure of a unit known as Watts or Kilowatts. A thousand watts is equal to 1 kilowatt. 

In the case of electricity produced by a generator, studies show that it will generate an estimated 43,400 kWh per year. 

However, experts do not recommend using a generator as a buying factor, especially if you’re going in with a specific wattage in mind. 

However, wattage does matter in terms of functionality. For example, for wind pumping electrical systems, a wattage of between 1-10kw is ideal. But if you want something more residential, a 20kw wind turbine is ideal. It will produce the right amount to power applicants in your home. 

Furthermore, there’s also the issue of the blades. The number of blades matters a lot when it comes to making the best decision. 

Turbine Information Blade Chart

Number of Blades123
DurabilityHas the most wear and tear due to yaw chatterA shorter lifespan and still experiences yaw chatter.Suffers the least wear and tear. You’re looking at an almost 20-year lifespan.
EfficiencyConsistent aerodynamic losses but still has the highest energy extraction.10% more energy extraction than a one-bladed wind turbine.3% more energy extraction than the double-bladed wind turbines.
SoundVery loudDependent on the design but may still be loud due to aerodynamic loading.Most quiet due to reduced yaw chatter and lower rotor speed.
InstallationEasiest to installRelatively easy to install.Hardest to install. Each blade has to be separated and mounted separately.
AestheticsIt looks very odd in comparison to what you’ve seen in movies and cartoons.Somewhat appealing.The most appealing and elegant of the bunch.

What Are The Best Wind Turbine, 20kw Models?

In 2020, GWEC, or the Global Wind Energy Council, released a list of the top wind turbine suppliers worldwide. The leading brand being Vestas. However, most of the companies on that list deal with megawatts. 

You can only assume that those companies deal with business-to-business deals and not business to consumers. Nevertheless, there are still brands to choose from in this niche. 

Wind Turbine Model
1.Ryse Energy E-20 HAWT
2.The ENAIR E200 Wind Turbine
3.Atlantis Solar 
  1. Ryse Energy E-20 HAWT

The E-20 HAWT is a 20kw wind turbine specialized for your needs. The blades consist of glass fiber which is the industry standard. With three blades for optimum efficiency, the E-20 HAWT is an excellent choice if you’re looking to start. You can purchase it straight from the Ryse Energy website.

  1. The ENAIR E200 Wind Turbine

Another 20kw wind turbine with three blades weighing in at 1000kg. The blades consist of fiberglass, and the turbine comes with customized software to assist you. The ENAIR E200 is an industry favorite because of its innovative take on wind turbines, and the company has 51 years of experience in the renewable energy field.

  1. Atlantis Solar 

Third on the list is Atlantis Solar. They provide a 20kw wind turbine with the exact same stats as the other two. The only downside would be the amount of electricity it produces. This wind turbine produces 28,000watts of electric power. 

Nevertheless, it still meets the requirements and fits the majority of the industry standard. You can procure this wind turbine on the Atlantis Solar website. 

How Much Is A 20kw Wind Turbine?

As an alternative source of energy, wind turbines are not cheap. Massive wind turbines can cost up millions. Look at it from this perspective, and if a 15kw wind turbine can go up to $125,000, you can assume that a 20kw wind turbine can cost more. It is safe to say that it can cost more than $125,000. 

Where Can You Buy A 20kw Wind Turbine?

It would be best to check specific manufacturer or supplier websites to procure a 20kw wind turbine. Amazon may not be an excellent choice to check. So far, all that’s on Amazon are wind turbines with around 6kw – 10kw wind turbines. A 20kw wind turbine is a mid-tier wind turbine, not in terms of price but rather the kW. A 20kw lies in the middle of being a giant wind turbine and the smaller wind turbines. That mid-point is quite tricky to achieve for manufacturers.

What Are The Problems That Wind Turbines Experience? 

Yaw chatter is the most common problem associated with wind turbines. Yaw is when the wind turbine follows the wind, while chatter is when the wind turbine blades turn with the wind. If you put two and two together, you come up with a problem associated with one-bladed and double-bladed wind turbines.

Some Helpful Wind Turbine FAQs  

Which One Is Better Between A Double-bladed And A Three-bladed Wind Turbine?

Experts highly recommend a three-bladed wind turbine because of its durability, performance, and efficiency. Apart from those factors, it’s better to go big than go home. However, more blades will impede performance so, keep it to a three-bladed wind turbine.

Can You Store Power From Wind Turbines?

Yes, you can. Wind turbines come with batteries. They are another part of the entire wind turbine system. Thanks to that, they provide a conduit to store the electrical power.

Is It True That One Single Wind Turbine May Have Enough Power To Generate Electricity For An Entire Small Community?

Yes, but it depends on the size of the community and the wind turbine. A 20kw wind turbine may not have the wattage to power a small gaming community, but one providing megawatts might do the trick. 

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