How Much Is A Used Tesla? (Research Conducted)

It’s no secret that Tesla EVs come with a hefty price tag. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t quality, more affordable used Teslas on the market. So what exactly does a used Tesla cost nowadays?

According to our research:

In 2022, the average cost of a used Tesla vehicle ranges from $30,000 – $120,000, with the price depending on factors such as model type, vehicle trim, mileage, and model year.

Now, we know that the upper end of that pricing spectrum is a tad eye-watering for the vast majority of you out there. But a $30,000 price tag is fairly reasonable for a car that is the pinnacle of modern-day, green-tech engineering.

So, if you’d like to know more about the average prices of various Tesla models as well as the various factors that influence their prices, keep on reading!

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How Much Is A Used Tesla? 

In order for us to provide you with accurate used Tesla cost estimates, we had to do a little digging.

So for the purpose of answering this question, we’ve used a sample size of just over 500 used Teslas sold/for sale online, throughout the United States.

Used Tesla Cost Breakdown

Before you scroll down to the various tables below, let’s explain what we’re doing here.

First off, we’ve broken down the average price of used Teslas according to their respective model type – Model S, Model X, Model 3 & Model Y.

Then, we’ve created a broad pricing spectrum for each of those models, from the cheapest car within that model’s range, to the most expensive. This will give you a solid idea of pricing extremes so that you won’t be given any nasty surprises when looking to purchase a particular model.

Finally, we tabulated our findings. You’ll see that we’ve included the yearly versions of each model and added their average mileage and cost, respectively.

Please note: these figures are estimates that do not consider all of the different vehicle trims/subtypes within each model category. Additionally, there is a variance of approximately 5-10% on either end of the average pricing spectrum due to certain outliers.

Used Tesla Cost – Model S

Used Tesla 2017 Model S 75
Used Tesla 2017 Model S 75

In 2021, the cost of a used Model S ranges from $26,000 for a 2012 Model S P85 (79,600 miles) to $157,900 for a 2021 Model S (709 miles).

Here is a table illustrating the average cost and mileage of the various yearly Model S editions:

Model YearAverage MileageAverage Cost
201385 292$37,035
201473,482$41 057
20215592 $115,519

At the bottom of the spectrum, you’ll find older, first-generation Model S vehicles (2012-2014) with mileages hovering close to 100,000 miles. At the top end of the spectrum, you’ll find the newer Model S vehicles that are full self-driving, with much lower mileages.

Used Tesla Cost – Model X

Used Tesla 2017 Model X P100DL
Used Tesla 2017 Model X P100DL

In 2021, the cost of a used Model X ranges from $49,950 for a 2016 Model X 75D (68,000 miles) to $129,995 2021 Model X Performance (14,900 miles).

Here is a table illustrating the average cost and mileage of the various yearly Model X editions:

Model YearAverage MileageAverage Cost

On the low end of the used Model X range, you’re likely looking at a 2016 model with higher mileage. On the upper end, you’ll find 2020-2021 models Performance Model X with Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Used Tesla Cost – Model 3

Used Tesla 2019 Model 3 Long Range AWD

In 2021, the cost of a used Model 3 ranges from $ 30,000 for a 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD (98,882 miles) to $79,000 for a 2021 Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance (2,600 miles).

Here is a table illustrating the average cost and mileage of the various yearly Model 3 editions:

Model YearAverage MileageAverage Cost

At this point in time, it’s still challenging to find a Tesla Model 3 that hovers around the $30,000 price point. But as with almost anything else, as time goes on and more used Model 3’s become available on the used Tesla market, these prices will drop.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Tesla no longer manufactures the Standard Range Model 3 with a base price of $35,000, so don’t expect to see many of those on the used Tesla market.

Used Tesla Cost – Model Y

Used Tesla 2020 Model Y Long Range AWD
Used Tesla 2020 Model Y Long Range AWD

In 2021, the cost of a used Model Y ranges from $53,500 for a 2021 Model Y Long Range AWD (3,950 miles) to $72,000 for a 2021 Model Y Performance (300 miles)

Here is a table illustrating the average cost and mileage of the various yearly Model Y editions:

Model YearAverage MileageAverage Cost

Because the Model Y is relatively new, the used market isn’t as saturated as the market for the Model S. Expect higher prices on average because of this.

What Factors Affect The Price Of A Used Tesla?

Obviously, used Tesla vehicles with lower mileage and newer model years will be more expensive than older, higher mileage vehicles. In saying that, there are a number of other factors that play a role in the price of a used Tesla.

Here are some of those factors:

The Vehicle Trim

Tesla vehicle models come with different trims. Trim levels are used by manufacturers to identify a vehicle’s level of equipment or special features. For example, the Long Range All-Wheel Drive version of each model versus the Performance Range All-Wheel Drive version. What tickles your fancy?

The Mileage

Some of you may be prepared to own a car that has already built up a fair bit of road time while others may prefer cars with lower mileage.

The Condition Of The Vehicle

This is probably one of the main influential factors. Even a scratch here or there can have a substantial impact on the value of a used Tesla. You’d be hardpressed to find someone who is happy to purchase an expensive piece of machinery with bodywork or an interior that has been compromised.

Model Year

Some of you may want to own one of the latest models that Tesla has to offer while others are content with owning a quality used Tesla, regardless of the year it was made.

Hardware Versions

This is another major factor. In the fall of 2016, Tesla released the hardware for Autopilot 2.0 which is Full Self-Driving capable. So, vehicles manufactured after this date tend to have better resale value than those manufactured before it.

Added Extras

Some previous Tesla owners may have opted to invest in their vehicle by purchasing added extras, such as:

  • Premium Sound System
  • Air Suspension
  • Subzero Weather Package
  • HEPA Air Filtration System
  • Infotainment Upgrade

Each one of these extras will bump up the price of a used Tesla.

Fun Fact: Teslas hold their value at an almost unheard-of level. Data indicates that the Tesla Model 3 can retain its resale value over 5x better than all other electric cars and about 4x better than all cars in general.

What Is The Best Price For A Used Tesla?

Truthfully speaking, there is no straightforward answer to this question as it depends entirely on the type of Tesla Model that you’re looking for.

It’ll also depend on the following factors:

  • The vehicle trim
  • The mileage accumulated
  • The condition of the vehicle
  • Model year of the car
  • The hardware version
  • Added Extras

Each of those factors plays a role in determining the value for money of a used Tesla.

Hypothetically speaking, if none of those factors matter to you THAT much and you just want to purchase any used Tesla EV you can get your hands on, here’s your answer:

Considering the fact that the average cost of a used Tesla (across all model types and years) ranges from $30,000 – $120,000, we think the best price for a used Tesla (again, across all model types and years) is between $50,000 – $60,000.

In that price bracket, you can expect to find a used Tesla that is in fantastic condition, with low mileage and that isn’t too old.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a Tesla EV but can’t afford to buy a brand new vehicle, don’t be afraid to delve into the used Tesla market.

There is a plethora of well-looked-after, previously-owned Teslas out there that will be able to provide you with the exact same driving experience that you would have if you owned a brand new vehicle.

What’s more, the used Tesla market will surely grow as the years go by.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. And if you are in the market for a used Tesla, all the best with your search!

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Robert Wortrich

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