What Are The 5 Fastest Electric Motorcycles?

There is no doubt that electric motorcycles are fast, but how fast can they go? Can they beat their gasoline cousins?

We’ve conducted extensive research to bring you the 5 fastest electric motorcycles available in 2022. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the lightning speed, tremendous torque, and 0-60 mph times of 5 unique state-of-the-art electric motorcycles.

Let’s ride!

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What Are The Fastest Electric Motorcycles?

In 2022, the 5 fastest electric motorcycles are:

  1. Voxan Wattman (High-performance edition): 283 mph
  2. Lightning LS-218: 218 mph
  3. Damon Hypersport Pro: 200 mph
  4. Energica Ego+ Rs: 150 mph
  5. Arc Vector: 125 mph

Let’s start with the fastest one:

1. Voxan Wattman (High-performance Edition)

Voxan Wattman (High-performance Edition)

Quickfire Specs:

Top Speed283 mph
0-60 MPH2.2 seconds
Engine Power270 kW (367 hp)
Engine Torque970 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 756V, 15 kWh
Weight661 lbs
TransmissionDirect drive with timing belt
CoolingLiquid, via water/ice exchanger


Voxan began manufacturing motorcycles in 1995 in France. Their first models were all gas-powered and produced in small numbers. In 2010, Venturi (a sports car manufacturer from Monaco) bought the manufacturer with the intention of building the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.

Three years later, in 2013, the Voxan Wattman, a powerful electric motorcycle, was introduced to the market. Years later, in 2019, the team developed an improved version of the Wattman that focused on overall high-performance.

On November 22, 2021, Max Biaggi rode the modified Voxan Wattman and broke the high-speed world record for an electric motorcycle with a blistering 283 mph top speed!

This record-breaking motorcycle has been engineered with a focus on stability at high speed and drag (aerodynamics), including innovative technologies such as:

  • A ground-breaking front axle and chassis (maximizing the distance between the front and rear wheels);
  • Dry ice cooling for the battery pack;
  • Proprietary battery design;
  • Formula E engine.

2. Lightning LS-218

Lightning LS-218


The lightning LS-218 was first introduced as a prototype in 2012. That very same year, it broke the current speed record at 216 mph and won several main events such as Pikes Peak in 2013 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans (electric motors category).

But it was only in 2014 that the electric superbike became available to the public.

This electric motorcycle is a beast — it’s been 8 years, and it’s still the fastest street-legal electric motorcycle in 2022.

Quickfire Specs:

Top Speed216 mph
0-60 MPH2.2 seconds
Engine Power150 kW (200 hp)
Engine Torque228 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 380V, 12 – 20 kWh
Weight495 lbs
TransmissionDirect drive motor
CoolingLiquid cooling
Range100 – 180 miles per charge
Price$38,888 (12kWh) – $46,888 (20kWh)

3. Damon Hypersport Pro

Damon Hypersport Pro — fastest electric motorcycles.

Quickfire Specs:

Top Speed200 mph
0-60 MPH3 seconds
Engine Power150 kW (200 hp)
Engine Torque235 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 11 – 20 kWh
Weight400 lbs
TransmissionDirect drive motor
CoolingLiquid cooling
Rangeup to 200 miles per charge
Price$19,000 (11kWh) – $35,000 (20kWh)


Damon is a young Canadian electric motorcycle manufacturer. This year (2022), they’ve begun producing their first model, the Hypersport Pro, which reaches an incredible top speed of 200 mph!

This bike is full of tech! It features a unique safety technology with a 360° view and predictive AI that helps the pilot to anticipate any road event.

Their Shift technology transforms instantly between sport & commuter positions while in motion.

The high-energy battery pack is integrated directly into the structural frame of the bike, giving the bike more stability and reducing the overall weight. In addition, it has built-in fast chargers that allow a full charge in less than an hour.

4. Energica Ego+ RS

Energica Ego+ Rs — fastest electric motorcycles.

Quickfire Specs:

Top Speed150 MPH
0-60 MPH2.6 seconds
Engine Power126 kW (171 hp)
Engine Torque215 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 21.5 kWh
Weight573 lbs
TransmissionDirect without friction
CoolingBattery by air, inverter by water
Rangeup to 260 miles per charge


Energica is the first Italian electric motorbike manufacturer. They started working on their first racing model back in 2009. Since then, they’ve won numerous electric motorcycle competitions and developed 4 electric motorcycles available to the public.

It’s worth noting that the Ego serves as a platform for 12 international teams engaged in the  FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup.

In 2019, The Ego was introduced to the public and became one of the most powerful electric motorcycles in the world. This motorcycle excels both on the road and in races. Its most noticeable feature is undoubtedly its colossal 260-mile range, the largest for a superbike.

5. Arc Vector

Arc Vector — fastest electric motorcycles.

Quickfire Specs:

Top Speed125 mph
0-60 MPH3.2 seconds
Engine Power95 kW (127 hp)
Engine Torque148 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 16.8 kWh
Weight485 lbs
TransmissionClutchless Single Gear Transmission
CoolingLiquid cool
Rangeup to 260 miles per charge


The Arc Vector was conceptualized by a team of British designers and engineers passionate about electric motorcycles.

It gained a lot of attention when its prototype was released in 2018. The Arc design is unlike everything you’ve seen before, and the performance is world-class.

After 4 years of development, the Arc Vector is now available to the public. Hand-crafted in Britain, customized for each owner, and priced at $ 90,000, this electric motorcycle might not be for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning in our ranking as it shows a top speed of 125 mph.

Are Electric Motorcycles Faster Than Gas-Powered Ones?

Electric motorcycles now compete with the fastest gas motorcycles. In fact, some are even faster than their gas-powered cousins.

In 2013, the Lighting LS-218 electric motorbike won the famous Pikes Peak race competing against the best gas-powered bikes, demonstrating that electric bikes are the fastest.

For example, the race-only Kawasaki Ninja H2R has a top speed of 240MPH, compared to the Voxan Wattman high-performance edition at 283MPH.

Street Legal Variations

  • Fastest street legal Electric motorcycle: 216 MPH (Lightning LS-218)
  • Fastest street legal Gas motorcycle: 202 MPH (Ducatti 1199 Panigale R)

Thanks to their electric motors that provide 100% of torque at all times, electric bikes accelerate faster than gas motorcycles:

  • 0-60 MPH Gas motorcycle record: 2.35s (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  • 0-60 MPH Electric motorcycle record: 2.2 s (Lightning LS-218)

Final Thoughts

The electric motorcycle industry is still in its infancy; the first models were developed in the early 2010s.

Their performance metrics now exceed gas-powered motorcycles in terms of torque (acceleration) and top speed — think about the fact that the fastest street-legal electric motorbike moves at speeds exceeding 200 mph while hitting 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds!

The first models came with range limitations, but now you can easily ride more than 150 miles on one charge, with high-speed charging providing +100 miles in just 20 minutes.

With this kind of performance, there’s no doubt that you’ll see more electric motorcycles on the road in the near future.

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