How It Works

After 100’s of requests, Climatebiz experts have decided to offer their in-depth knowledge via 1-on-1 online Zoom consultations. Whether you need technical help with your latest DIY solar build or advice on which solar brand to go with, our 1-on-1 consultations give you the opportunity to ask our solar experts anything.

1. consultation

Choose how long you would like to talk with our expert for. You can pick between 30 minutes and 1 hour. 

2. Date & Time

Select the date and time slot that best suits your schedule. (Time slots are displayed in your local timezone) 

3. Complete Booking

Fill in your personal information and briefly explain to our expert what you need help with. (This way they can prepare)

Here's How We Can Help You

Our experts are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and are ready to assist you wherever they can.

Please note: Our 1-on-1 consultations take place via Zoom. Additionally, while we welcome a wide range of solar-related queries, we ask that, should you need help with an overly complex subject, you reach out to us via email to arrange a specialized consultation.

We provide you with expert advice on the following DIY solar elements: bundles vs. DIY; short-term vs. near-term tradeoffs; full cash payment vs. lease agreement vs. loan; time of use strategy; energy storage options, etc.

In-depth explanations and analysis on the following solar system variations: grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems.

We will assist you with the following product comparisons: PWM vs. MPPT; Brand A vs. Brand B, Technology A vs. Technology B.

Short on time? Our experts will research local incentives available in your area to assist you with recouping your investment back as quickly as possible. We can also help you with any general green energy-related research.

Need some more information? Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us an email to book a specialized consultation.

Meet The Climatebiz Experts

Gustav Cruz

Solar Expert

Gustav has a Bachelor of Engineering and is currently practicing as a senior-level electrical engineer specializing in research. He writes all solar-related articles for Climatebiz.

Charissa Worthmann

Environmental Expert

Charissa has a Master’s in Environmental Science. Her research area of interest and expertise is in the interaction between energy and the environment.

Tom Mattinzioli

Transportation Expert

Tom is a civil engineer, specialising in sustainable transportation infrastructure & electric cars. He has worked for over 4 years in sustainability & research.

Dylan Crosbie

Building Expert

Dylan holds a Bachelor of science and is a qualified Architectural Technician. He has combined his passion for sustainable architecture with journalism.

Shanker Mohanan

Solar Expert

Shanker Mohanan holds a Master`s degree in Power Engineering & has designed, built, & operated projects in North America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Ana Lejtman

Battery Expert

Ana is a Research Chemist with a strong background in Environmental chemistry. She’s deeply interested in how chemistry can be applied to the development of green technologies.