Become a Writer for Clmatebiz

Climatebiz is looking for writers who have a passion for the planet. If you have experience within the renewable energy field, and are looking to pass on your knowledge to an ever growing crowd, keep reading!

We are currently hiring writers with substantial knowledge in the following fields:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Smart irrigation
  • Electric vehicles
  • Solar storage

(Please note: you do not need knowledge in all fields in order to apply. Knowledge in only one of these fields is sufficient enough for you to apply for a writing position with us.)

Payment: All applicants will start on a base rate of $0,025 per word. Articles are either 1200 words, 1800 words or 2500 words long. This means you will either earn $30, $45 or $63 per article. Once you understand how our system works and you succeed in submitting the quality we are after, pay can increase up to $0,035 per word. That means you will earn either $42, $63 or $87,50 per article. Verified experts within a certified field with substantial knowledge in creative writing can expect a salary of $0,05 and above. 

Credit: All writers will have their personal bio appear on their articles. You are welcome to mention a social media profile in that bio if you choose to build up an audience over time.

Schedule: Writers will be expected to publish between 1 – 2 articles a week. It is incredibly important that you never miss a publishing date, ever. If you cannot stick to the publishing schedule, you will be let go. For most freelance writers, 3 – 8 articles a month is perfect so they have plenty of time to work on it without being overwhelmed. With that being said, if you are up to publishing more, there will be work for you. 

Ownership: By accepting our working agreement and writing for Climatebiz, you understand and agree that all photos, videos, written content, and all other media submitted to Climatebiz becomes the exclusive property of Climatebiz and you do not have the right to republish that content on your own site or anywhere else.