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Tesla may be one of the most technologically advanced car brands today, but that doesn't mean their vehicles are immune to theft.These electric vehicles ...

Much attention has been given to the wide range of phenomenal EVs on the market, from speed demon SUVs like the Model X Plaid to luxurious sedans like the ...

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SunPower vs. Sunrun —two giants at the forefront of the U.S. solar industry.Both are known for their quality solar panels, battery systems, and other ...

Low flow rate, poor temperature control, and sky-high installation costs — choosing the correct size tankless water heater can be the difference between you ...

Knowing how to clean your tankless water heater the right way can be the difference between your water heating system lasting or fizzling out prematurely....

If you're in the market for a tankless water heater, you must be mindful of the system's pros and cons.While these water heating units can revolutionize ...

Tankless water heater cost — the final hurdle separating you from your new, energy-efficient water heater.Water heating systems account for around 20% of ...

Fed up with excessive electrical bills? Tired of waiting for your geyser to heat up after one too many showers? Then it's time that you invest in a tankless ...

Did you know that hemp toilet paper has antibacterial properties? We bet you didn't.Sadly, this comes down to the fact that many people aren't very ...

AI-integrated devices are helping to usher in a new era of technological convenience; Alexa compatible smart thermostats are one such example of this ...

Solar panel racking is a vital component of your PV set up. These systems provide your panels with the necessary angles and stability they require to get the ...

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    The best time to fertilize your hydroponic plants is after you’ve changed the water in your system, i.e., for the most part, the rate at which you change your system’s water determines how often you’ll need to fertilize.

    Factors such as plant type & size, reservoir size, room temperature, etc., influence the rate at which you need to change your system’s water.

    A good rule of thumb is to fully change your water at least every 2-3 weeks (though this does largely depend on the aforementioned factors).

    However, you may find that you need to top up your reservoir levels before then. Do so intermittently, while keeping an eye on your pH and TDS levels.

    We have a dedicated article (Understanding pH for Hydroponics) to assist you with that.

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    The article uses US gallons.

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    The joints between solar panels aren’t sealed. Technically, you could use sealant but that could void your warranty.

    Instead, you could use a damp-proof membrane. These are however visible from underneath – some may consider this to be an eye-sore.

    Purchasing some gypsum board to create a “false-ceiling” of sorts will offset this issue.

    In short, you’ll have a more water-tight structure that is still aesthetically appealing.

    I hope this helps.

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